Managers matter.

No-one else has a greater impact on people everyday at work.

No-one else has as much potential to positively influence an individual’s engagement, effort and emotional state.

No-one else has such opportunity to direct people towards meaningful goals, one conversation at a time.

We’ve been developing managers at all levels for years. Initially in careers within corporations who looked to us to help grow people from within.

And then as external partners to our own clients, delivering development initiatives of all sizes with the aim of building management capability.

Or so we thought.

What we were really doing was connecting managers to the difference they can make to their organisations through others.

Helping them to see that, while skills are important, the intention behind the action yields more powerful results.

Illuminating the fact that when they reinforce the worth of what their people are doing, those people do it more and they do it better.

And so we continue to develop management skills.

But with the belief that in doing so, we’re helping managers create more worthwhile working lives for their people.

Who in turn deliver more value for organisations as they transform.