Jane is a Business Coach with a Degree in Psychology.  

She has been working as a Coach for the last ten years. Prior to this, Jane worked in advertising, branding and qualitative research for a range of clients from the BBC, Procter & Gamble, HSBC and Amnesty International.  

She also worked at Interbrand as a Global Strategy Director running the internal training academy.

“My best ever manager was my last manager, Leslie Butterfield at Interbrand.  

As a junior planner working in advertising I was given Leslie’s book to read as the holy grail for how to plan advertising, so it was a little daunting when some 15 years later he became my boss.  

Our offices were nearly 6000 miles apart but from day one I felt I had his trust and confidence. I also knew that he would challenge me and hold me to his high standards, which made me up my game.  

A catch up session with Leslie was like walking into the British Library, his knowledge and range of experience was vast and he was always happy to share this, along with his time.  

He was brilliant at knowing when to zoom in and when to stand back and leave you to it.”

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