During a ten-year career at Goldman Sachs Hong Kong, Julia led multi-regional and global teams and was also responsible for the management of complex business processes and client relationships.

Now based in the UK, she has delivered professional development assignments extensively to clients within Investment Banking, Asset Management and the broader Financial Services.

She is currently studying for her Masters Degree in Organisational Psychology at The University of London.

“My best ever manager was Caroline Blundell at Goldman Sachs in Hong Kong.  She was excellent at what she did – technically brilliant of course, but also fearless, effortlessly friendly, courageous  and deeply inspiring. 

The thing I loved most about working for Caroline was the trust she had in me.  She never doubted my ability to handle any situation, difficult client or complex issue.

As a result, I felt motivated to rise to every challenge that came my way.  I achieved more than I believed I could because she believed I could! She filled me with confidence in my own skills and abilities, especially when I was new to the Asia Region and very much a fish out of water.  

As a fellow female leader in a very male business area, I also appreciated her empathy and understanding.  She was my manager as I negotiated my way through the very stormy waters of pregnancy, maternity leave and subsequent return to work.  

She was unfailingly supportive, realistic and practical. As is the case with so many things, I never really realised how fabulous Caroline was until we no longer worked together!   Many managers are good, but Caroline was great!”

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