After working in strategy roles in corporate and public sectors, Tom retrained in 2006 as a personal development coach and facilitator.

Since then he has gained over 10,000 hours of group and 1:1 work, gained within both therapeutic and professional development.

He has worked globally with mid-level managers to board-level leaders within an eclectic variety of sectors including Energy, Aerospace, Government, Media, Law and Medical.

“My best manager was Simon Newton at AT&T Europe. Simon always held a strong expectation for me that was beyond what I was doing, and yet gave his guidance with a light touch, so I felt pulled towards new challenges. 

I respected his dynamism, clarity of thought and his ability to form relationships. At a drinks event one evening, the first time I spoke to him properly, I remember it being a good sign his old team didn’t want to leave his side. We had a lot of fun. 

And there was always balance. Feedback while very direct at times, was balanced with support; respect was balanced with friendship; hard work balanced with lightness.

It was a while ago now, and I still have him in mind as an example for myself and when I help others”

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