Since the end of March, we’ve been speaking to clients to understand how their people have coped during lockdown.

After the initial flurry of chaotic activity in the first couple of weeks, it seems that what once felt new is now familiar and what used to be unthinkable is now business as usual.

Throughout it all, leaders have been grappling with questions they never thought they’d have to answer, while people managers at the coal face (or Zoom as it’s now known) have been trying to balance the needs their people have had for support, reassurance and motivation with the requirement to keep their businesses functioning, managing or even thriving depending on the industry.

As we start to emerge, we’re interested to explore whether all of this have had an impact on the role of the manager. Much is written about leadership in organisations but less can be found about the more hands-on managers.

We’re conducting some research to find answers to these questions. if you would like to contribute, please click on this link to complete a 7 minute survey:

The survey will remain live until midnight on 24th September.