TEAM 360

When people work together, patterns of thinking and behaviour develop very quickly and unconsciously.

These guide day-to-day behaviour between individuals, influence the dynamics of group interaction and massively impact output and results. If these underlying and seemingly invisible drivers become unhelpful or even dysfunctional, no amount of positive intention will lead the team to greatness.

Which is why it’s vital, particularly for senior managers, to be aware of how the collective psychology and unspoken set up of their teams, is either helping or hindering performance.

By receiving feedback on how your team is perceived both by its own members and also from the outside by key organisational stakeholders, you’ll get an accurate perspective on what’s working well and what needs to change.

In addition, you’ll learn the value of a more conscious and creative team approach, and be able to spot and rectify unhelpful behaviour before it has the chance to become disruptive or damaging.

This is truly deep team work and unlike anything most teams get to experience. If you’re serious about seeing what your team is capable of and want to take your team to that next level, this could be one of the best things you ever did.