We design and run bespoke Management Development Programmes built from our bitesize, deep dive and scale up solutions.

This gives you complete control over the topics that are relevant for your different management populations.

In addition to the facilitated elements, we offer you the choice of several options to increase the level of participant engagement and the impact of the programme.


The Options

  • An upfront diagnostic to assess each cohort’s perspective and drivers
  • Pre-programme 360 reports using a capability framework directly connected to the content of the programme
  • A Launch event to communicate the structure and gravitas of the programme and to spark interest
  • One-to-one coaching to help participants embed the learning at different stages throughout the programme
  • Post-programme evaluation to demonstrate the return on your investment


Below are example templates to give you an idea of the type of sessions that other clients have selected for managers throughout their organisations.

These are available to run in full or to use as the starting point for something more tailored.

Or if you prefer, contact us directly and we can build you a programme that’s completely unique to your business.

Template Programmes