When team members unite around a common purpose and vision, anything can happen.

But too often, the focus of performance is placed so firmly on the individual, that it’s easy to lose sight of the collective. Shared direction becomes vague, misunderstanding creeps in and trust is diminished.

We work directly with managers and their intact teams to help them reconnect, build affinity and get clear about the future, whether working in the same physical environment, remotely or a blend of both.


The Options

  • Facilitated half or full-day sessions, run virtually or face-to-face to establish purpose, values, vision and measurable goals
  • Team 360 feedback to understand how individual strengths and preferences can be channelled towards team goals
  • Psychometric assessment to increase awareness and appreciation of different natural working styles
  • Team development programmes, totally bespoke to your needs and facilitated over several sessions
  • Five Dysfunctions of a Team programme to address specific team idiosyncrasies and build performance


We also offer bitesize sessions which can be tailored and facilitated directly for an intact team. The most relevant sessions are shown below.

Or if you prefer, contact us directly and we can create a solution that’s completely unique to your team.

Team Sessions