The Manager Hub Mission

To develop confident managers who are equipped to take on the responsibilities of the role, and able to build the performance of the people in their teams.

Core principles

We bring optimism, honesty and new perspectives to enhance thinking, change behaviour and help your managers step up to the unique challenges facing your business. Everything we do is informed by three core principles.

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    Our solutions are all rooted in business psychology. We bring extensive personal experience of helping numerous organisations develop the capability and confidence of their managers.

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    We care deeply about the success of managers in organisations and believe in the power they have to unlock the potential of their people. We are happiest when given the opportunity to share this passion.

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    The most effective behaviour change happens when the steps to transformation are practical, straightforward and connected to the real world. We tailor our approach to your challenges and experiences.

Meet Paul Turnbull

Paul is a Founder of The Manager Hub.

He has over 20 years’ experience within the management development field, 16 of which spent leading his own brands and prior to that as Head of Learning and Development for Guardian News & Media, and Three Mobile.

Paul is a qualified Psychologist with an MSc In Occupational Psychology from Birkbeck, University of London (specialising in the transfer of training) and is currently working towards completing an MSc in Performance Psychology with Bangor University (specialising in accelerating expertise).

He is also Chartered MCIPD.

To get a feel for Paul’s approach and the impact of his work, please take a look at his Linkedin profile where you’ll find more about his background, skills and recommendations.

Connect on LinkedIn

"I highly recommend Paul as a leadership coach and psychological managerial expert. Paul has the ability to demonstrate to his audience how to clearly build high performing teams in fast paced working environments."

Ross Senior Partner, Executive Search

"Paul is excellent at keeping a diverse group of people on purpose and focus by creating relevance and engagement, triggered by his innate ability to read the room and empathise. I really enjoyed the sessions with Paul, as did the rest of my leadership team. "

Ale Client Services, Agency

"I’ve attended a number of Management courses and seminars that Paul has delivered over the last decade or so, and can say without prejudice they are the most informative, engaging and enjoyable training & coaching exercises I’ve given my time to over the past 25+yrs working in the IT & Telco industries."

Ken Service Delivery Management, Telco

"I've enjoyed every training session I've had with Paul immensely - aside from the humour he injects, I left each one feeling like I had acquired new skills and confident that I was equipped to deal with the many challenges that can come from management."

Jessica Marketing, Media Subscriptions

"Paul has the fantastic strength of being able to structure his learning modules to provide the best for everyone in the room. He has a rare ability to discuss issues and concerns with everyone so they feel included in the session and make sure that nobody is left behind or stopped from progressing forward."

Paul Operational Excellence, Media

"Paul has a strong grasp of business psychology along with insights into the challenges managers face. He expertly weaves that knowledge into a very informative, thought-provoking, and spirited discussion. I found his sessions to be highly beneficial and left with some great takeaways."

Edelyn Audience Development, Marketing Communications

"I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Paul in two organisations over the last 15 years. His open, fun, confident and knowledgeable approach has enabled him to help many individuals and organisations progress forwards. I have witnessed 'blocked' people transform themselves from Paul’s flexible, adaptive approach."

Mark Programme Director, Digital Services

"Paul expertly delivers training with humour, focus and a keen sense of how to bring a room of complete strangers together. He's great at building confidence and able to get to grips with the nuances unique to each business. I would highly recommend Paul for any aspect of management training."

Josie Supply Chain, Film & TV